Name: Edda Rós Þorsteinsdóttir
Degrees: Multimedia designer AP
           Web Developer B.Sc.
Date of birth: 29. December 1982
Nationality: Icelandic
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


Ongoing education

2011-2013 IT University of Copenhagen Digital Design and Communication Cand.It.

Finished education

2009-2011 Business Academy Copenhagen North Web Development BSc
2009 København Tekniske Skole Multimedia Design and Communication AP
2002 The Akureyri Comprehensive College Student in the Department of Art – Design and textile design line

Unfinished education

2003-2004 The University of Iceland Comparative literature B.A. with minor studies in art history


2005 Reykjavík Technical College EPP – Chemicals and Paper Theory for the printing industry
MHS – Social and historical introduction in graphical media
FSH – Design with Photoshop and Free Hand programs
MOM – Picture processing and multimedia


Good skills Medium skills Basic skills
Adobe Dreamweaver Action script 3 3ds Max
Adobe Flash Drupal Action script 2
Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Power Point Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Adobe Premier Pro
Microsoft Word Wordpress C#
XHTML & CSS Joomla
Microsoft Excel

Interests and personal life

I recently moved back to Iceland, with my 7 year old son, after spending 5 years living and studying in Copenhagen.

In my education I focus on usability, the usage of social media and getting a broad overview of everything that is related to online media production. I consider myself both proficient as a designer and a coding developer. I do not write code from scratch (at least not very complicated code) but I am able to both read it and make adjustments to it if needed.

For my B.Sc. in Web Development I did my internship at Serious Games Interactive were I worked with the marketing department mostly on setting up promotional websites for some of their products using the Drupal CMS. Then I wrote my bachelor thesis, The Importance of a Well Planned Customer Engagement Strategy -The use of Social Media Platforms for Online Marketing, based on my projects for Serious Games Interactive.

In my free time I spend time with my son and my friends, I enjoy reading, non-fiction and fiction, knitting and various kinds of other crafts and then I love travelling. When I have holidays I usually go to Iceland to meet with my family and old friends but I also use my time there to travel.

I like doing what I do, otherwise I would do something else. I like challenges, I can work well under pressure and I am a perfectionist.